From the big Division One Schools to the academically elite Division Three schools, Coach Green will help you understand the process much better, while expanding your college scholarship opportunities.


"Thanks to Coach Green for his amazing training and guidance through the bewildering recruiting process."

Dave Bissinger (dad) in a Facebook Post

Athlete - Joe Bissinger / Virginia Commit - Full Ride Athletic Scholarship

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COLLEGE RECRUITING 101 - Picking a Recruiting Site

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In today's athletic world, athletes are exposed to numerous recruiting sites. Some are very good as far as an information source, others are better for specific sports, and some are simply a platform to post pictures and a brief resume.

Truth be known, college coaches have access to most sites, but this doesn't mean they are spending countless hours reviewing a site for athletes. 

Understanding which site to join, and how to best use social media for real results is critical in the very competitive game of securing a college scholarship.

College Recruiting 101 provides you with an overview of which site(s) you should use for your specific sport, and how to really get a college coach interested in you. 

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Bench Step Ups

All District athlete - Sydney, and All State athlete - Meredith, hitting it quick.


COLLEGE RECRUITING 201 - Attending the Right Camps

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COLLEGE PREP CAMPS AND SELECT TEAM participation have become a big business. Many athletes and parents have been sold on the premise that an athlete must play in hundreds of games and attend countless camps to get recruited.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY is what Coach Green has successfully taught his college bound athletes. Being prepared and attending the right camps in conjunction with the NCAA Contact and Evaluation periods are critical for maximum exposure and results.

COACH GREEN has personally trained and counseled over 200 college scholarship athletes who have gone on to compete in 12 different college sports, encompassing 20 different NCAA conferences.

COLLEGE RECRUITING 201 enables you to have direct contact with Coach Green to formulate your best camp and select team choices.  

Side to Side Heavy Ball Abs

Miles (college athlete) ripping off medicine ball Russian Twist.


COLLEGE RECRUITING 301 - Marketing Yourself Effectively

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Securing a College Scholarship is an investment in your future and can be worth in excess of $60,0000 per year, for  four or five years, depending on the sport and school.

Coach Green's athletes have been awarded scholarships at prestigious schools, including Stanford, Rice, MIT, Virginia, Texas, Texas A&M, Tulane, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, SMU, Baylor, TCU, and Houston, plus 50 more! In addition, his athletes have gone on to the elite Ivy's such as Harvard and Yale, and exceptional Division 2 and 3 schools including Colorado Mines, DePauw, and Trinity.

Coach Green believes there is a "right fit" for every talented student-athlete, and knows the timing and protocol for maximum exposure and results.

Don't Guess at the Process.  Call Coach Green today to learn how to Market Yourself Correctly.


6 Month - Unlimited Group Training and Recruiting Package

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COACH GREEN's 6 Month - Unlimited Group Training and College Recruiting Package is an investment in an athlete's future. This is an INVITE ONLY package, and is only available for talented sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school. It is specifically designed for the college bound athlete who is serious about the process, and all that is required to secure the very best scholarship offers, to the very best schools.

Coach Green has personally trained and counseled over 200 college bound scholarship athletes, who have gone on to compete for 70 different universities and colleges, in 20 different NCAA conferences.

This all inclusive, 6 MONTH package includes

  • Unlimited Sports Performance Training
  • Unlimited Physical Development Training
  • Unlimited Sport Specific Education
  • Unlimited College Recruiting Advice
  • Connecting with College Coaches
  • Unlimited Nutritional Advice
  • Dietary Adjustments (Off Season and In Season)
  • Unlimited Game Film and/or HUDL Review
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support
  • Onsite Player Performance - Game Review
  • College Recruiting Site Recommendations
  • All Gym Fees
  • Conditional Guaranteed Scholarship Offers*

* Conditional Guaranteed Scholarship Offers are predicated on the following

  • Athlete must maintain above a 2.75 GPA
  • Athlete must attend appropriate showcases
  • Athlete must attend specific college camps
  • Athlete must consider in state, and out of state options
  • Athlete must train full time with Coach Green 
  • Athlete must clean up social media
  • Athlete must not have any legal issues
  • Athletes must work on their skill sets (full time)

Note: Scholarship offers may come from NCAA Division 1, 2, or 3 schools. NAIA Division 1 or 2 schools, or JUCO. Dependent on the sport and division, scholarship awards can range from full athletic, a combination of athletic and academic, or just academic. Remember, MONEY is MONEY regardless of how your award is packaged!

In the event an athlete does not receive at least one scholarship offer (athletic and/or academic), Coach Green will provide one of the following options:

  • First continue with the same package at no additional cost for 1 month, or
  • Pass on a $400 credit in training services to any family member to be used within 3 months.