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Coach Green has published over 100 articles on training and Nutrition. He has lectured for professional and amateur teams, and fortune 500 companies.

Coach Green also provides phone, email, and social media support

for all his clients and athletes, and is dedicated to your success!

Our Training and Nutritional Programs are Sport, Position, and Athlete Specific

Power Lifting Super Set

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High Knee Platform Sprint including Slow Motion Breakdown

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Cross Training Program for Elite Athletic Performances

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What separates Coach Green's Training Programs from other Sports Performance Centers is his ability to properly integrate exceptional physical development in the weight room for faster muscular growth, power, and explosion, PLUS track and field workouts that will improve your speed, footwork, agility, and athleticism.

BOTTOM LINE you will get Bigger, Stronger and Faster, improve your Athleticism, and reduce the risk of injury, given the appropriate training commitment, consistency, and effort.

Program Highlights Include

  • Total Body Development
  • Increase Strength on all Core Lifts
  • Improve Balance and Coordination
  • Dynamic Warm-up and Stretching
  • Faster First Step and Increased Vertical Leap
  • Quicker Pro Shuttle and Cone Drills
  • Better 40 and/or 60 yard Sprint Times
  • How to use a Weighted Vest for Explosion
  • Increased Stamina and Endurance


A Sport, Age, and Position Specific custom designed training program just for you!

PRIOR TO PURCHASE remember to Create An Account and fill in the Athletic / Client Profile section with your measureables: Age, Height, Weight, Sport, and Position.

UPON PURCHASE Coach Green will contact you within 3 business days to review your specific needs.

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Decline Hammer Press

Nick (college bound athlete) pumping through a heavy set of, Hammer Strength, decline presses.


Building a College Ready Body

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In Today's Athletic World, Building a College Ready Body is as important as developing great skill sets.


Because your best competition is doing so, and the teams that consistently win championships are doing so!


If you want to limit the risk of injury, it is mandatory to hit the weight room, the right way.

Do Not Believe the Myth that a bigger and stronger athlete is slower, less flexible, or muscle bound. Think about it. The elite college athletes are not, nor are the pros. It comes down to how you train, stretch, eat, and recover.

Building A College Ready Body - 101, is the start of your process in developing a bigger, stronger and faster, athletic body in great condition.

You will Receive

  • Improving Physical Development through Nutrition Document (over 25 pages of great information)
  • A custom designed Training Program applicable to your sport, position, level of play, and age.
  • Understanding the Proper Training Progressions for Elite Athletic Performances
  • What College Coaches are looking for at Your Position

AFTER YOUR PURCHASE, Coach Green will contact you within 3 business days to discuss your specific needs. Make sure to Create An Account prior to purchasing.

BUY ONLINE Today and Receive FREE Coach Green's 100 Point Performance Guide, plus one 15 minute phone consultation with Coach Green, and two weeks of email support. Limited Offer!

Hammer Shoulder Press

Jackson (award winning athlete) pumping through a set of heavy, Hammer Strength, shoulder presses.


Your Bodybuilding Training Program

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CHAMPION BODYBUILDERS have worked with Coach Green since 1987. He is an expert on dialing in the specific needs of each client, and they have the trophies to prove it!

Do You Want to Know the Best Weight Lifting Routines for Developing all Six Major Muscle groups?

How about the best mass building diets, or the best diets for getting shredded?

Coach Green will provide you with the very best workout routines and nutritional programs that build muscle fast, drug free!

Since each athlete's needs are different, and change throughout the course of each year, clients are required to contact Coach Green first with their specific needs. 

Create An Account, then call or send Coach Green an email. After a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with Coach Green, and the purchase of this online special, you will receive your 12 week training and nutrition plan. This is a limited offer so don't delay!

Jammer Press

Miles (college defensive back) working on his hand speed and power. 

Side to Side Step Ups

Miles (college athlete) working on quick foot change for better athletic balance.